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CareerWizPro's Human Resources Career and Job Transition Portal combines 30 powerful employment tools designed to increase job search productivity and streamline career transition. With CareerWizPro, members self-direct job hunts, build recruiter alliances, network, find hidden jobs, and interview like a pro! Secure, protected, 24/7 access to Career Portal and Employment Tools!

For a demo CareerWizPro - Career Portal - Outplacement Aids
CareerWizPro - Career Portal - Outplacement AidsCareerWizPro - Career PortalCareerWizPro - Career PortalCareerWizPro - Career Portal

Career Portal - Employment and Outplacement Tools

CareerWizPro - Career Portal


Obtain the tools you need to successfully reach your job goals.
CareerWizPro - Career Portal

HR Departments

Empower ex-employees. Meet and exceed transition objectives/policies.
CareerWizPro - Career Portal

Learning Centers

Provide on-demand access to a hiring and opportunity funnel.
CareerWizPro - Career Portal

Career Consultants

Boost revenues with a valuable new service.
CareerWizPro - Career Portal


Expand your capacity and enlarge your customer base.
CareerWizPro - Career PortalCareerWizPro - Career PortalCareerWizPro - Career PortalCareerWizPro - Career Portal
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